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KATHERINE WU, Stanford Student Studying Computer Science

Major: CS

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Katherine is passionate about computer science and the use of science and engineering to better lives. She hopes to teach and encourage others to pursue their passions in STEM.

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H7316: The Aesthetics of Data in Splash Spring 2019 (May. 04 - 05, 2019)
As a class we will explore the hidden beauty behind data and what makes it so powerful. What can we learn from data other than just numbers? Can we connect with data emotionally? How can we use data to connect with others? Come and learn how to develop your own data projects that you can share with the world!

E6850: Mobile App Design in Splash Fall 2018 (Dec. 01 - 02, 2018)
Do you have the idea for the next Instagram? Spotify? Flappy Bird? Come learn basic programming skills and create your own app for your phone! No experience required.