LiveScan Background Check

Per Stanford and State of California policy, in order to teach you must complete a LiveScan background check. Please do this at least two weeks in advance so it is processed in time for Splash. 
  •  If you have ever gotten a LiveScan at Stanford then you are okay to teach - no need to do it a second time!
  • Only one teacher in every class needs to be LiveScanned. If one of your co-teachers has already done it, you are good to go.

It costs $35 to do the background check at the UPS in Town and Country. We will reimburse you through 
this form. Please make sure to get an itemized receipt that clearly shows proof of payment.

To do the LiveScan check follow instructions on this website, including filling out this form, putting down “Splash” for “working title” . Once you’ve done that, set up an appointment at one of the locations on this website, we recommend this location at the UPS at Town and Country just off of campus.

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