Splash Spring 2019 is May 4-5, 2019!

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ESP Biography

JOHN MCNELLY, Stanford Senior studying Engineering

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2019

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I love building / breaking / fixing / exploding things of all kinds. I have experience in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace, computer science, artificial intelligence, rapid prototyping, and spending too much money on attempts to mill PCBs in my dorm room. I love sharing my enthusiasm for engineering with students! Let's go builds stuff together.

Past Classes

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E7314: Advanced Mechatronics: 10 weird EE tricks your teachers will NEVER tell you in Splash Spring 2019 (May. 04 - 05, 2019)
How do I size resistors like a legit EE dude? What's a snubbing diode? Does anyone actually use bipolar junction transistors for stuff? Come learn all the things that I wish I learned as a youngling, and take your electrical engineering game to the next level.