Splash Spring 2018 is in April, 2018

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ESP Biography


Major: Biology

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Not Available.

Past Classes

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P6110: Sports and Recreation at Stanford in Splash Fall 2017
Come learn about sports and recreation in college! Whether it's Varsity, club, intramural or just pick-up games, there's something for everyone, from basketball to sailing to rock climbing. We will have a panel of 4-5 students share their experiences and take questions from you all!

L5748: Putting On Your War Face: An Introduction to Face Masks and Lip Scrubs in Splash Spring 2017
Often times we are better at tackling any obstacles in life when we feel good, so come and destress and learn to to make face makes and lip scrubs.

H5793: Humanities at Stanford in Splash Spring 2017
Come hear about the humanities opportunities going on around campus! There will be a panel of actors, dancers, musicians and writers who can answer any of your questions!

B5797: Mini Me: DNA Extraction Lab in Splash Spring 2017
In this class we will learn about animal cell features, and then put our knowledge into practice by extracting our own DNA from cheek cells!