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SHUAI CHEN, smurf on caffine

Major: Cancer Biology

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: G

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I love biology, it makes me happy which is why I sold my soul to Stanford for the next 5-7 years. I love artsy stuff which is why i have shelves and shelves of yarn, fabrics, pictures, etc. i love volunteering which is why i usually do something once a week. i love everything and i do everything! and Im also a cat. meow

Past Classes

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H1381: Hand-made Greeting Cards in Splash! Spring 2011 (Apr. 16 - 17, 2011)
Buying commercial card-making materials can get expensive quickly. We will teach you how to creatively use everyday materials to make thoughtful, personalized cards that look as good as ready-made kits. Come join us as we repurpose and recycle fabrics, ribbons, buttons, magazines, and other household supplies.

H999: Make a Greeting Card in Splash! Fall 2010 (Nov. 13 - 14, 2010)
Got a friend's birthday coming up? Want to make them a shiny handmade card? We will go through some of the basics of card making, and spend the rest of the time making cards. Supplies will be provided, and all you need to bring is your creativity.

S736: Geneticist for a day: perform experiments real scientists do everyday! in Splash! Spring 2010 (Apr. 17 - 18, 2010)
In this class you will perform six different biology experiments and learn to be a real genetics researcher. You will get to transform normal bacteria into glowing bacteria by inserting a jellyfish gene into it, solve a murder mystery by running a DNA gel, learn how scientists make medicine and isolate your own "medicine", spool DNA out of cow meat, visualize your own DNA and cells and take a picture home with you, and test whether you have a specific gene mutation and learn how your parents pass genes to you.

H461: Creative Repurposing in Splash! Fall 2009 (Oct. 10 - 11, 2009)
We will take normal everyday materials you find in your household and recreate them into art, jewelry, etc. Projects include purses from jeans, bracelets from wrapping paper, necklace pendants from pine cones, grocery bags from T-shirts... Your imagination is the limit to what you can do!

H222: Creative Re-purposing in Splash! Spring 2009 (Apr. 04 - 05, 2009)
We will take normal everyday materials you find in your household and recreate them into art, jewelry, etc. Projects include purses from jeans, t-shirt grocery bags, flower vases from water bottles, etc.

H273: Finger Knitting 101 in Splash! Spring 2009 (Apr. 04 - 05, 2009)
Ever wanted to learn how to knit? Don't want to carry around those annoyingly long needles? I'll teach you how to knit with your fingers-trust me, it's addictive! You can make anything from scarves and ponchos to purses and doilies and floormats. I'll bring the yarn, you bring the fingers.

H423: Intro to Stanford ESP's Student Rep Program in Splash! Spring 2009 (Apr. 04 - 05, 2009)
This class is for students interested in joining our Student Rep program. Come learn all about how you can help us make Splash bigger and better! Tell us what you want to see in our next Splash! Meet some of the people who run Splash!

H83: Jewelry Making 101 in Splash! Fall 2008 (Oct. 18, 2008)
We will make shiny, pretty things-necklaces, bracelets, earings, etc. Your imagination is the limit!

S84: Why am I so sleepy after Thanksgiving Dinner? in Splash! Fall 2008 (Oct. 18, 2008)
A whorlwind tour of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in your brain which allow you to think and feel and be who you are. Oh and we'll answer the age old question of why you get sleepy and happy after Thanksgiving dinner (hint: it's not because of too much protein in turkey)

knitting to change the world in SPLASH (2008)
beginner knitting techniques and tricks along with how you can use your new knitting powers for good.

Stem cells from Skin cells?!? in SPLASH (2008)
Did you know that scientists can now "reprogram" your normal skin cells and turn them into stem cells (that can ...