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ESP Biography

KAYVON PEDRAM, Stanford graduate student in chemistry

Major: Chemistry

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: Not available.

Picture of Kayvon Pedram

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Kayvon was born in Los Angeles. He received his B.S. in chemistry from MIT, where he worked with Prof. Alice Ting on methods for live cell protein labeling and mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Today, Kayvon continues to develop new tools, working with Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi to uncover and modulate molecular mechanisms of cell surface glycosylation.

Past Classes

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B6788: Introduction to Glycans in Splash Fall 2018 (Dec. 01 - 02, 2018)
You're familiar with proteins (polypeptides) and DNA/RNA (polynucleotides), but how much do you know about glycans (polysaccharides)? They are the third fundamental biopolymer and are involved in nearly every biological process you can imagine, from viral life cycles to cancer progression. Come and learn more about these amazing yet understudied molecules.