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Major: Biology

College/Employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Year of Graduation: 2011

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H167: The Art of Money in Splash! Fall 2008 (Oct. 18, 2008)
Just this summer, inflation in Zimbabwe topped 11 million percent, forcing the government to print banknotes bearing the denomination of 100 billion (10^11). Also, by the end of this year, you will see the release of the Hawaii quarter, marking the 50th unique quarter released since 1999. Money design is an integral part of preserving our history, and this class invites you to explore the fascinating story contained in US and international money. If not for anything else, come and see 100,000,000,000 dollars live. :D (and take home a small souvenir!)

H168: Hardcore College Admissions in Splash! Fall 2008 (Oct. 18, 2008)
HYPSMC = Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Caltech = the Holy Grail of College Admissions. Want to get into one of these? MIT Admission Blogger and CollegeConfidential veteran with nearly 1,600 posts shares some insights (disclaimer: my opinions are strictly personal and do not represent the official positions of any college =p).