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CHERI MAH, Stanford alumni undergrad/grad studying sleep

Major: Biology/Psychology/Psychiatry

College/Employer: Stanford Sleep Center

Year of Graduation: 06

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Originally from Cupertino, CA , I made the long trek to Stanford for undergrad and I graduated in 2006 in Biology and Psychology and then completed my Masters at Stanford in Biology in 2007. Throughout my time at the Farm, I have been working at the Stanford Sleep Center with Dr. William Dement. My primary focus has been studying sleep and specifically how athletes can improve their athletic performance by focusing on their sleeping habits as an important part of their training regimen.

In my free time, I love dancing, the Game, snowboarding, black and white photography, traveling, puzzles, and rockclimbing. Oh and I love to sleep!!!

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S199: Sleep and Athletic Performance Improvements in Splash! Fall 2008 (Oct. 18, 2008)
Are you ever tired? Do you fall asleep in class? Want to run faster, make more basketball shots, or just be a better athlete overall? Perhaps you want to ace your next test. Maybe you just like to sleep a lot and don't know why. Come join this class which will explore all of these topics including why you are always tired and what you can do to improve your sleep habits. We will also talk about how you can become a better athlete in your sleep!