Splash Spring 2018 is in April, 2018

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ESP Biography

BRIAN NGO, Stanford freshman majoring in English!

Major: English

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2018

Picture of Brian Ngo

Brief Biographical Sketch:

Hello there! I am an aspiring English teacher at Stanford University (with interest in 日本語 and education), who particularly enjoys mediums of expression--video games, film, music, and especially literature. I tend to be a realistic optimist and love my close friends.

Past Classes

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H5384: Humanities at Stanford in Splash Fall 2016
Interested in the state of humanities departments at Stanford? Or even interested in taking humanities classes in college? In this panel discussion, we'll bring in three to five current Stanford students whose interests range from English literature, history, political science, philosophy, and more! We'll discuss our struggles, our experiences, and (sigh) our job prospects after Stanford. But more importantly, you'll have the opportunity to ask our panelists any questions you might have about the humanities!

R4172: The Never-Ending Journey for the Period: A Lively Discussion on the Use and Meaning of Absurdly Long and Gramatically Dubious Sentences in Literary Works in Splash Spring 2015
Ever had your English teacher tell you to get rid of that really long run-on sentence in your essay? Or even been told to make your sentences straight-to-the-point in your creative writing? Well, in this class we'll not only embrace those longer sentences, but try to understand why and how they can be utilized in some of the most artful and (in)famous passages from writers of the last century. Hemingway be damned. This class will cover examples from Marquez, Joyce, Faulkner, Woolf, and more—as well as explore their roles within the stream of consciousness movement of writing.

R4373: 你好,こんにちは,and 안녕하세요! A Fun Survey into the Languages of East Asia in Splash Spring 2015
Tired of those lame Romance and Germanic languages? Want to delve into something edgy, and exciting, and East Asian? In this class we will be exploring the basics of Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese! In an exciting crash course, the class will involve comparing alphabets, cultural tidbits, games, food, and attempting to write your name in a foreign language! Size up the challenges--and joys--of learning some of Asia's most fascinating languages and countries.