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AMAL AZIZ, Stanford CS student with a passion for Design

Major: CS/Human-Computer Interaction

College/Employer: Stanford University

Year of Graduation: G

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Originally hailing from beautifully-green Portland, OR, Amal has spent the last 5+ years at Stanford, and has managed to live on the same street on campus for almost that entire time, until recently. She did her undergrad in Computer Science, and during her senior year discovered Human-Computer Interaction, a multi-disciplinary field combining CS, Design, and Cognitive Psychology. Realizing this fit her interests perfectly, she's been pursuing adventures in HCI since. When not working on class projects or TAing, she's also working as an editor of Stanford's on-campus design journal, Ambidextrous.

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E122: Design Thinking in Splash! Fall 2008 (Oct. 18, 2008)
You use hundreds of different products everyday. Ever wonder the process innovators use to come up with cool products, like the iPhone? We'll get a chance to learn about the design process and learn how to apply it to everyday things, to make a huge impact.