Special Needs Participants

Welcome to Splash! We strive to make the Splash experience as enjoyable and accessible as possible for all our participants. Our participants come from all different age and ability levels. We have had students with physical or mental disabilities. Please remember to contact us ahead of time so that we can accommodate you and assist you in having a great experience.

Campus Mobility

If you need assistance with navigating Stanford or require a wheelchair-friendly map, please contact us. Stanford campus is wheelchair accessible; this campus access map includes entrance and parking information for all buildings. Splash registration takes place on an elevated, grassy area, and classes take place in multiple buildings along the main quad. We can provide alternative registration locations and dispatch a volunteer to help navigate campus and find accessible entrances and exits; please contact us at least three business days ahead of time.

Classroom Accommodation

If your child has special needs in the classroom setting, please contact us ahead of time. In the case of the visually-impaired or the hearing-impaired, informing us will allow us to communicate with teachers to have them prepare alternative materials for your child. We ask that you contact us at least one week before the event to give the teacher time to prepare these materials. If your child is deaf, we can get an ASL interpreter; it takes time to find an interpreter, so we ask that you contact us at least 4 weeks before Splash. If your child has learning disabilities, we will inform the teacher so they will be better prepared to give your child the best experience possible; please contact us three business days beforehand.

Please keep in mind that our teachers are undergraduate and graduate college students. They have not received any extra training that prepares them to work with special needs students. If you have questions or concerns about whether Splash’s classroom setting is appropriate for your child, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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