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ESP Biography

ARIEL LEONG, Stanford '20.

Major: Not available.

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Not Available.

Past Classes

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S6192: Business and Entrepreneurship at Stanford in Splash Fall 2017
Interning at bulge bracket banks and consulting firms, working part-time at startups, and even founding their own - Stanford students have done it all. Come here to have your questions about the business ecosystem and opportunities at Stanford answered!

H5793: Humanities at Stanford in Splash Spring 2017
Come hear about the humanities opportunities going on around campus! There will be a panel of actors, dancers, musicians and writers who can answer any of your questions!

L5796: Achieve 9 Hours of Sleep in High School in Splash Spring 2017
How can you optimize your time management techniques and study skills to produce high-quality work in the least amount of time? In this class, we will explore how students can eliminate the need for painful cramming and pulling all-nighters, while still achieving good grades.

L5806: This Might Be Your Cup of Tea in Splash Spring 2017
Want to make a beautiful mug that will fill you with warm, fuzzy feelings every time you drink from it? Take a break and learn about tea, chat about life, and become a mugger (the good kind).

C5429: Introduction to Nanochemistry in Splash Fall 2016
Have you ever thought about building tiny structures atom by atom? Nanochemistry is concerned with just that! We will be learning about the differences in molecular behavior on the nanoscale that make nanomaterials so unique and useful, as well as some cool recent applications of nanotechnology, such as nanobiosensors and quantum dot solar cells.

L5441: A Day in the College Student's Life in Splash Fall 2016
College life is very different from that of middle and high school; students have a lot more time and activities they can fill it with. Participate in a Q and A session with students who are doing everything from singing in a cappella groups and competing on varsity athletics teams to running healthcare hackathons!