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For Splash Students

For Splash Teachers and Volunteers

How can I get involved in Splash?

Getting involved in Splash can be as much of a time commitment as you would like, whether you get involved through one or multiple roles!






Teaching at Splash is all about sharing your knowledge and excitement with eager students. The class topic can be anything you are passionate about (your major, your hobbies, etc.) and you have the freedom to design your own class. Teach as few or as many sections of your class as you would like. We also require a one-hour teacher training session for all first-time teachers. Class Registration:
November 3 - 21
Teacher Training:
multiple options
Splash Weekend:
December 5 - 6

Walk-in Teacher

These activities are designed for students who do not have a full class schedule or who have had a class cancelled at the last minute, and are advertised to all participants. Some past examples include Improv Acting, Physics Demos, Post-it Art, and Paper Airplane Design. See above Class Registration:
Splash Weekend:
December 5 - 6


Help students with finding their way around campus, getting lunch, and checking in. Volunteering is a low time commitment–you decide how long and when you volunteer. Each shift is only 2 hours. Registration:
Splash Weekend:
December 5 - 6


The Splash Leadership team works hard throughout the year to organize Splash events in the fall and spring. Flexible time commitment. Weekly Splash Meetings:
Tues. 6-7pm (virtually)
Splash Weekend:
December 5 - 6

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*Only Stanford affiliates are permitted to teach, volunteer, or admin for Splash events.

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